• Relation Series No.1 Distance

Relation Series No-1 Distance

On Dec. 3, 2014ï¼? Li presented her “Relation Series” at “Guangzhou Live 5”. In this series she reflected on how man is related to others, to politics, and to himself/herself As well. “Relation Series No.1 Distance” is her collaboration with Leon from the British Royal Academy. Each with three needles and threads in hand, they walked toward each other and exchanged their needles and threads when they met midway. They then began to sew each other’s clothes, talking gently as if they were whispering to each other as lovers. Both their lower parts and upper parts were so tightly sewed-even their arms are tightly fastened on each other’s back-that they were fixed in the hugging position, unable to move. When they wanted to separate, however, they could do nothing but struggle hard, having the other’s clothes torn. They broke away from each other, all in “wounds”. His clothes became rags, leaving the white threads on hers. Staring at each other, she asked, “What’s your name?” “Leon,” he replied. They went on, brushing against each other in opposite directions.

Photo stream - Performance 2014 Relation Series No-1 Distance