• Relation Series No.2 Not at the Scene

Relation Series No-2 Not at the Scene

On the floor in front of a platform on which nails were scattered, lay a book called “Not at the Scene”. Sitting on the platform, Li got her dress nailed around the platform. Then in her attempt to stand up, she got her dress torn by the nails-her body was exposed. She stepped off the platform, her feet shackled. Li then picked up the book and read it as she moved toward the door. In the end she sat at the door, keeping on reading. The shackles on her feet are symbolic of crime and the prison; the book, “Not at the Scene”, suggest that she was not guilty. Something cruel but real therefore came up: not all those who are shackled and put into prison have committed crimes.

Photo stream - Performance 2014 Relation Series No-2 Not at the Scene