• Relation Series No.3 Bed

Relation Series No-3 Bed

Built during the Cultural Revolution, the auditorium in Xiaozhou Village has lots of slogans reminiscent of that age, like “Holding High Great Maoism and March Forward”, “Long Live the Great Leap Forward”, etc. An iron rack is placed in the auditorium, with chains and hooks reaching the bed under it. A woman stood by the bed, reading silently—something dictated by a military comfort woman in World War II. She was saying that she hated those Japanese, but not as much as those Chinese, as they had given her more suffering and humiliation. On the floor before her were rose garlands. Lying at the door, Li had rose petals scattered on her body. By her side was “Getting Across my Body” —instruction for the audience. To get into the hall, the audience has to step over her. She stood up slowly and exchanged looks with that woman by the bed there. The woman then left. As she walked toward the bed, Li picked up the garlands one by one and put them around her neck. She reached the bed and lay on it as if she were asleep. Then she sat up and began to bind her shanks with a rope. She hooked the rope up and pulled the chain. Her legs were raised until she was hung head down in the midair. As she went up, the red petals were scattered from her hands and fell on the white bed.

Photo stream - Performance 2014 Relation Series No-3 Bed