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Dissociation Photography Theater

Dissociation. Image writing. Integrated media.
"Odyssey-Return" Irish and Chinese Art Exhibition, 2019

The work is for the Art Exchange Exhibition between Ireland and China. The title of the exhibition is "Odyssey - Return", which is based on Joyce's novel Ulysses. Describe with the female subject, write and record a woman's departure from home in the morning, leave her husband, visit a girlfriend she once refused, accompanied by her memories and imagination of an English lover, what she saw and heard on the road, and ideological activities to show her spiritual escape as an individual in a closed society.

"Freedom" comes from the homonym of "Ully" of Ulysses, like a woman's name, but it evolves into a verb "Freedom". "Free" means that a substance does not combine with other substances but exists alone, or that substances are separated from compounds. The analogy is to exist without the collective or dependent things.


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