In 2018, some Chinese women were inspired by the #MeToo movement and disclosed their experience of being sexually assaulted, thus starting the #MeToo movement in China. More and more women joined this movement and began to tell about their experiences of being sexually assaulted. As the #MeToo movement gained more and more attention in online media, political suppression and silence followed. Soon, the #MeToo movement entered an underground state in China.

In March 2021, artist Li Xinmo initiated “WOYESHI” art project, trying to get involved in the #MeToo movement in an artistic way. The project is publicly released through the Internet, recruits participants, and conducts artistic creation and dialogue with participants. This art project attempts to allow participants to express themselves in an artistic way and embark on a journey of artistic healing through expression. In addition, through this project, more and more women who have suffered sexual assault have joined this vocal group, so that these long-term suppressed and unspeakable voices can be heard more.

The "WOYESHI" art project includes the following parts:

  1.  Art creation workshop: Through the form of workshop, share the concept of contemporary art creation, creation method, work analysis, etc., so that participants can create independently and express in contemporary art.
  2.  Performance theater: Recruit participants to create the "Me Too" series of performance theater works, and bring the experience of encountering sexual assaults to the stage, exhibition hall and public space.
  3.  Exhibition: Explore the mode of combining online and offline exhibitions, so that the works produced by this project can be seen by more people.
  4.  Interviews and group discussions: through interviews with artists, theorists, lawyers, social workers, and psychologists, discuss the #MeToo movement together.
  5. A series of cross-media contemporary art creations created by the artist Li Xinmo around sexual assault.
    This website is named after WOYESHI, which is also an important part of this project. All relevant information and works about the "Me Too" art project will appear on this website.

Through this website, I hope to recruit more witnesses of sexual assault to participate in this project. I'm searching for support and cooperation from more organizations and individuals.



Photo stream - WOYESHI video work Li Xinmo

Photo stream - WOYESHI-Performance Theatre-Shanghai

Photo stream - WOYESHI-Performance Theatre-Shanghai2