• I want to Breathe

I want to Breathe

In 2006, Li Xinmo and her collaborative partner, Zhang Minjie conducted extensive research on a Guangxi gold mine. In a local village, many of the mine -workers had contracted Silicosis. Silicosis is caused by inhaling large quantities of dust, which leads to fibrosis and to hardening of the lungs. Its symptoms include coughing until patients die from asphyxiation. Currently there are over 650,000 Silicosis patients in China. Gold mining has resulted in the massive destruction of the local environment, with grass being unable to grow within a hundred mile radius of places that were once pristine mountains with clear water. Li Xinmo completed her first video piece, “I Want to Breathe.” A Silicosis patient on the verge of dying appears in the lens, coughing continuously as if he is suffocating. Li also filmed a documentary film with the same title and took numerous photographs as part of her work concerning the rights of Chinese migrant workers. Li has stated that, “They [these migrant workers] have even been stripped of their right to breathe.”

Photo stream - Video 2006 I want to Breathe