• Drink Blue

Drink Blue

Mortaged Time is an international group exhibition at the Red Gate gallery in 798, Beijing. The artworks and performances pay homage to the post WWII posts Ingeborg Bachmann and Paul Celan.  The exhibition is curated by Raimund Rosarius and the project is produced by Susanne Matz.

Anti-War Post Ingeborg Bachman spent her life’s work often using death as a motif, reflecting on the hidden forces of violence and oppression in society. She was appalled and yet fascinst humanity were being committed on such a large scale even outside the boundaries of war.

The Aryan poet came to despise her  father (a bona filde fascist) and began to identify with the Nazi Jewish victims. Bachmann witnessed the Nazi troops march through her town when she wrote “the plain came too early and was perhaps stronger than anything  since---the monstrous brutality, the yelling, singing and marching, the first deathly anxiety attack.” 

Variations of Drowning’ was performed at the opening on April 21nd 2018. Part of Li Xinmo Performance was based on Paul Celan’s poetry placing individual bones into a tank of water.

I AM THE FIRST to drink of the blue that still looks or its eye
I  drink from your footprint and see :
You roll through my fingers, pearl, and you grow!
You grow, as do all the forgotten.
You roll: the black hailstone of  sadness
Is caught by a kerchief turned white with waving goodbye.

Translated by Michael Hamburger.

Music by Fenni, dance by Amy Grubb.

"Drink Blue", Li Xinmo.  Red Gate Gallery Beijing, 2018

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