• Day Dream

Day Dream

I am envisioning a relationship of cooperation between man and machine. This is also precisely what I did in my work, simply working with artificial intelligence to explore in more depth how consciousness works. This is what I have always been concerned about. It is also a problem that many scientists are concerned about, and it is also the most important issue in the field of artificial intelligence research.

I think that human understanding of human beings is very narrow and limited, and that also the understanding of universal consciousness is still in its infancy. People actually use artificial intelligence to try to explore how consciousness works. Through all the experiments I made I was hoping to discover the deep secrets of consciousness formation and operation in the work of artificial intelligence. At the same time, I also wanted to explore how a machine thinks, and what kind of a revelation I could get from the machine’s working.

I found that people's thinking shows patterns, but that the same is also true for machines. These patterns may be a limitation and hindrance. I try to find and repair those limitations in my own work and try to thereby overcome the fixed ways of thought and thinking by which both humans and machines are limited. Thus, the Artificial Intelligence and I will continue to constantly modify each other's consciousness, and we will see what the result of this in the end will be.


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