• Scripture Writing - Woman

Scripture Writing - Woman

Performance, Swedish East Asian Museum, 28 July 2018

This work is an installation and performance work that created by Li Xinmo. Swedish Museum invited her to participate in the exhibition The Story of Paper. The 30-meters long volume of the Fahua Sutra in her handwriting hanged in the museum space, and she began to write in an ancient ceremony. Ancient people who copied scriptures were called monks and men. She wants to write Scriptures as a replacement for woman. This gives rise to a feminist perspective. In her opinion, Buddha is a symbol of the equality of all living beings, but also transcends gender. Reading and writing Buddhist sutras was her early lesson. The interpretation of the universe and everything in the sutras had an important influence on her thoughts. In her opinion, to become a Buddha is to transcend the existing social shaping, knowledge system and integrate with all things, thus connecting the energy field of the universe.

Paper Stories 2018, Stockholm, Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities

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