• Free

Free, 2015. Performance (20 min),  Germany 

Three civil servants dressed in suits and some audience put clips all over the artist’s body. These clips were originally stationaries used to clip files and archives. They are used to represent how in front of the powerful machine of the state, the individual loses her personhood, and the essence of existence transforms into lifeless files, archives, and tools. The individual is controlled, bound, regulated, and restricted by the state. State organs are even more violent, these iron clips becoming metaphors for violence, control, punishment and deprivation. Each clip is tied to a black slender thread, the other end of the thread being held by the hands of the audience, and finally when a person commands the word "Pull.” the audience pulls the black threads together, all the clips instantly fly away from the body. At that moment, the body experienced a huge tearing pain, but the artist is simultaneously released.

Photo stream - Performance 2015 Free