• Circumference Rate

Circumference Rate

Circumference Rate, Frankfurt International Performance Festival
Benz Center, Frankfurt, Germany. May 23th, 2018

Blue is not a color, but a substance, a substance with imagination, which makes her feel close to the origin of existence. The sky is a blue color, when childhood, Li Xinmo often attracted by the blue sky, when she stares at that blue, like staring at the deep abyss, there is a huge energy to absorb her, she felt lose weight, fall into it. That blue has a mysterious power for her. It makes her disappear, soar and enter the infinity of the universe.

She used blue powder and white salt, with body radius, to draw two circles, like the surface of the blue earth covered by the ocean. she pushed huge scaffolding between the two planets. she stood on the huge scaffolding and smashed huge droplets of water. Water, blue color and salt were mixed together and splashed to connect the two planets.


Circumference Rate, Mercedes Benz Center, Frankfurt, Germany.
Photos: Henryk Pietkiewicz


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