• Forgotten Home

Forgotten Home

My performance was based on “Forgotten Home”, a poem from Paul Celan: it is green like a mold, it is a home forgotten. I came to  this bustling commercial city
Center from the mountains with moss, green and a huge heavy drop of water. The world begins with a drop of water, it is the origin of all life, it is the womb, it is the archetype of tears, it is the  tiching of the clock of time on earth. The background music was a slow but steady tolling bell, a disturbing chime. There was a change in
The perormance. I took the heavy water drop (ballon) and arranged lichen moss, the
Oldest of plants exiting before animals and humans. I lay on moss and covered the
Corners of my mouth with this ancient green life. The water contained in the water drop finally slipt. Green liquid, the blood of the plant spliied over my body.
Eventually the potted plant grew out of my belly, just like growing out of the earth.
At this point the rolling thunder above which began in the middle of the performance
Has turned to spits of rain. Just as the performance ends the clouds above burst into heavy rain. Everyone is amazed, puzzled, even a little suspicious of the timing with nature. And only I know there is a secret.

Li Xinmo, Forgotten Home, 2018


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